No direction yet.

I am new to the world of blogging. What subjects I will choose? Current affairs, news, opinion, facts, information about sleep disorders, sex and distraction, art, discrimination, all of of it tinged with narcissism. I have some things to express that need to come out. I want to build on this with purpose but don’t know yet, what that is. I am tired of all the negativity and critics on social media and the sense that everyone is an expert. Many of us manipulated by exaggeration and bull and we all want to show how angry we are with the status quo, believing we can change the world in the smallest way by offering an opinion or a tidbit of trite propaganda.

I want to express myself poetically and prosaically. I want to shout loudly across the pages. I want to be an original. I want word combinations yet unimagined.  I want to know the answers and I want to show that I am a civilised man, an experienced man, a fool and a pig.

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