In my youth I …

Dreamt of flying over pines and above houses
Rode a bike, out of control downhill without knowing how to stop
Watched my brother take his first steps
Made some lifelong friends
Left the city behind and smelled the wheat on the western plains
Saw the Milky Way unobscured by city lights
Had some wild times,
Met a girl and stumbled in the awkward softness of our innocence
Explored exotic countries overflowing with possibility
Meditated with an old monk in a rainforest temple
Slept beside a mandala and a skeleton
Hitched across the roof of the world and drank tea with nomads
Discovered life long passions
Fell in love
Learned to be independent, got arrested and had my heart broken
Learned to accept pain
Learned that the beginning does not dictate what comes after
Held my son for the first time
Reinvented myself

Author: Shawsy

A bit dark

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