Colour blind

What are you, said the blind man to the woman.

Prussian Blue, she said.

I’ve never heard of that, what’s it like?

It’s a cool colour,


What colour are your eyes, he said.

They’re green.

I guess you’re the jealous type, he said.

I know, she said, I wish I was different.

What are you, she said.

I’m brown, like milk Chocolate.

You’re so sweet, she said. And how about your eyes?

I don’t have eyes but if I did I think yellow would be good.

Why is that, she said.

Yellow is warm and friendly

And what colour would you like your eyes to be, he said

It doesn’t have a name, but something I can only imagine,

We could imagine it together, he said.

Author: Shawsy

A bit dark

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